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How Can SEO, Social Media, and Digital Advertising Work Together?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

...and why they absolutely should.

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By Tuesday afternoon more than 680 people were registered for "SEO, PPC, and Social Media: The Trifecta of Digital Strategy.” By Wednesday morning, just hours before our Denver Startup Week session was to begin, 725 people had registered. I’d been asked to moderate the talk, which really just seemed like a good excuse to hang out with Andrew, Brian, and Krista. At, we work with each of these folks or their companies regularly to maximize results for our clients.

Google's Hummingbird algorithm favors social presence. Facebook now throttles organic visibility, which means your fan page won't be seen without paying for it. Never before have there been such opportunities for SEO and social to work together, or for advertising options and platforms to create such a wide reach. What’s more, ads must now be part of your social strategy and social must now be part of your SEO work.

SEO depends on social.

Display supplements SEO.

Social works best when informed by search strategy.

The only effective digital strategy plan integrates your resources and attention across display, search, and social.

And all of these platforms need a smart content plan.

Were you at our session? Tried to be there but weren’t allowed upstairs once the session had filled? You were on the moon at the time? We got you.



Thank you to Denver Startup Week for the opportunity and to our hosts at PaySimple for providing the space (and the all-important WiFi!). Thank you Andrew, Brian, Eric, and Krista for creating such a robust, informative session!

On behalf of the panelists, I’d like to thank everyone who got into our session (all 150 of you, by my rough count). We hope you learned from it and, if you have more questions or just want to keep in touch, we hope to hear from you again soon.

And for those of you who tried to get in but were turned away, we appreciate you, too. Please be in touch if we can help out.

—by Leah Charney

Leah Charney is sassy yet classy and is most excited by the things she can't stop writing about, like food, music, and people. She directs operations for the team, which is just a fancy way of saying she is chief cat herder.

Voting is now open for Denver Startup Week 2015! If you'd like to see a Trifecta panel part two (updated for all the algorithmic changes of the past year), please vote at Voting is open through July 10, so don't delay!

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