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National Window 

Treatment Franchise

14,000 Monthly Website Clicks



  • 14,000 monthly website clicks 

  • 3 million+ impressions 

  •  Cost savings


RESULTS MATTER managed organic and paid social media for a window treatments company with 30+ locations nationwide.

“They are always open to ideas that could help grow our business.”



Limited staff and internal resources led to sub-par corporate social media outcomes and brand inconsistency across franchise locations' social presence. 

A national window treatment brand came to with a combination of challenges — their corporate social media was underperforming, their franchise owners were all over the map when it came to managing channels, and their team didn’t have the internal resources to wrangle both their centralized and distributed online presence.


Overhaul of corporate organic and paid social media strategy along with tiered opt-in structure for franchise owners

Following an audit and discovery process to dig into the complexity of the company’s structure, key audiences, overall goals, and individual locations’ accounts, returned with a plan to overhaul the brand’s organic and paid social media strategy and support franchise owners who insisted on maintaining a regional Facebook and Instagram presence. Working with the CMO, we created a tiered structure where owners could opt in to have their accounts updated with corporate and localized posts each week — all supported by paid social campaigns to bring more customers to regional websites and stores.

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  • 14,000 monthly website clicks to regional websites

  • 3 million+ impressions per month

  • Significant cost savings at scale

Rolling out a combination of organic and paid social media required significant back-and-forth in the early stages, so phasing in new locations and building a strong onboarding process was essential. An improvement on all metrics was evident from the very first weeks of integrated social media management, with locations experiencing spikes in key metrics including website clicks, impressions, engagements, and engaged users via Google Analytics. 


The value of outsourcing social media management to quickly became evident to regional owners, providing impetus for other franchises to opt-in: In one month we drove nearly 14,000 website clicks to regional websites for the first set of participating stores (at an average CPC below $1) in addition to 3 million+ impressions. In this structure, more locations under the umbrella means better corporate quality control, improved performance, and cost-saving economies of scale. Services 


  • Standardized content and branding for franchise owners

  • Daily Facebook and Instagram posting and monitoring for corporate and regional locations

  • Ongoing corporate Pinterest management

  • Regional Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns

  • National Pinterest and Instagram advertising campaigns

  • Regional website clicks and click-to-call campaigns

  • Cross-platform conversations to increase brand visibility

  • Real-time monitoring for customer service issues and reputation management

  • Monthly reporting

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