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Image by Szabo Viktor


Pinterest Strategy

$0.10 Cost-per-Click



  • 337% surge in organic engagement

  • 700,000 impressions

Image by Szabo Viktor


As part of our overall commitment to revenue-generating social media, implemented Pinterest strategies for several B2C clients that leveraged the platform's capacity to captivate targeted audiences. Our approach capitalized on the strong performance of our organic content, prompting clients to increase their investment into Pinterest ads. This strategic shift not only established Pinterest as a leading platform for client success but also resulted in these campaigns becoming top traffic sources. clients count on our expertise to recommend innovative strategies and drive the metrics that matter.


  • Organic Pinterest posts surged in engagement, outperforming other social platforms and demonstrating a new opportunity for B2C clients


What prompted our ad strategy? ​​In analyzing client metrics, a striking trend emerged: Organic Pinterest posts generated a significant surge in engagement rates compared to other social platforms; in some cases by more than 300%. As a proactive social media agency we approached B2C clients, recommending we improve on the platform's organic success with paid campaigns.

Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by charlesdeluvio


  • A strategic ramp-up of client investment in Pinterest ad campaigns


By allocating some paid social budgets to Pinterest, the channel became a leading driver of website traffic for several clients. With a low average cost-per-click of just $0.10, their paid spends went further than they did on other channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Image by Szabo Viktor


  • A 337% surge in organic engagement, prompting increased ad spending

  • More than 700,000 impressions and 8,000+ clicks were achieved at just $0.10 per click


Targeted investment in Pinterest yielded extraordinary outcomes: With organic engagement skyrocketing, capitalized on this momentum by increasing Pinterest ad spending. The result? Massive improvement in impressions along with high volumes of website traffic at astonishingly low costs-per-click — $0.10 on average.

Pinterest BONUS! Services 


  • Multi-platform campaign ideation and execution 

  • Organic and paid Pinterest pin design and posting

  • Real-time re-pins and pinboard creation

  • Ongoing content strategy

  • Daily posting across channels

  • Ongoing paid social campaigns optimized for qualified website traffic to select landing pages

  • Monitoring for questions and comments to increase engagement and customer satisfaction

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