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Distance working


Global Cybersecurity Brand 

1.3 million engagements



  • 15 million+ social media impressions

  • Evergreen content creation

Digital Nomad


As a component of social media support for a $1.15 billion cybersecurity brand, designed and executed a global influencer partnership program that activated digital nomads and tech influencers worldwide to promote the brand’s new B2C product on Instagram and YouTube. The campaign produced evergreen photo and video assets for the client’s exclusive use and provided enormous visibility and reach for their social channels at a low CPM. 


A mandate to elevate visibility in a crowded market,  increase follower counts, and generate high-quality visual assets for a SaaS product


The client launched a B2C VPN product in 2019 to protect on-the-go users as they work, bank, and browse on public and private WiFi via laptops and mobile devices. As COVID-19 brought remote working into prominence in 2020, new WFH target audiences became a demographic priority along with digital nomads. To elevate visibility in a crowded market, the client sought  increased follower count, high-quality visual assets that showed the SaaS product in use, and the establishment of long-term partner relationships across niche audiences to speak to the product’s effectiveness and drive up awareness around the globe.

Data Protection Security Privacy Concept.jpg
Digital Nomad


  • Influencer partnership campaign to attract and engage digital nomads

  • Paid engagement campaigns on Instagram


Alongside the client, we developed campaign guidelines and designed an evergreen brand awareness campaign via established audience personas. assessed influencers based on their subject expertise, engagement rates, visual aesthetic, storytelling capabilities, content quality, and brand alignment. In addition to partner vetting and organic content creation to support the product, coordinated outreach, onboarding, contracting, content strategy and development, and management of a growing stable of influencers — as well as individual reporting and tracking of impressions and engagement across multiple platforms. provided content edits, guidance, and recommendations for influencers as they created YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Reels, Stories, and more. also managed paid engagement campaigns on Instagram and directly oversaw the full process for identified influencers, including compliance with brand standards and FTC guidelines, content review and approvals, and contracts and payments — all while facilitating communication between the client and influencers as needed.

Digital Nomad


  • 15 million+ impressions and 1.3 million engagements at an extremely low CPM of $35

  • Evergreen content: professional product video and photography 

  • A bespoke media network of influencers, partners, and future prospects


The #WiFiSecurity campaign is ongoing — but between partnerships and boosted posts in 2021-22, helped drive 15 million+ impressions and 1.3 million engagements at an extremely low $35 CPM. 


Assets developed during the influencer partnership program include professional product video and photography on Instagram and YouTube, all for exclusive reuse by the client — a source of evergreen content for years to come. campaign management simplified content planning and execution across platforms. With our help coaching influencers to craft content and messaging to targeted audiences, repurposing their posts across the client’s ecosystem also created a bespoke media network of organic engagement between influencers, partners, and future prospects. Services 


  • Campaign creation + consultation

  • Audience persona development

  • Influencer research + procurement

  • Influencer engagement + outreach materials + contract negotiation

  • Budget management + allocation

  • Influencer content quality control + optimization + content scheduling

  • Development of social content for brand use

  • Reporting + analysis on campaign performance

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