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eCommerce Brand 

4,030 site visits at $0.45 cost-per-click



  • 1 million+ impressions

  • 4,030 link clicks at $0.45 per click


RESULTS MATTER Boosted a DTC Supplement Brand to More Than One Million Impressions in a Single Month

As part of our dedication to driving revenue through social media, executed a customized strategy for an established health supplement brand that leveraged their platforms to captivate health-conscious audiences. Along with potent organic content, paid ad campaigns primed for online conversions drove substantial traffic surges in the very first month. This proactive approach amplified brand visibility and fostered qualified clicks, resulting in increased awareness and online sales.


  • Launch social channels for a brand that has relied solely on direct mail, email marketing, and programmatic advertising


This supplement brand had a proven track record of driving sales via traditional marketing tactics — but with an average client age of well over 60, developing awareness with younger audiences would be key to continued success. Recognizing this untapped potential for growth, the brand sought to expand its digital footprint and drive visibility, trust, and sales through organic and paid social.

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  • A combination of consistent, educational, and compelling organic and paid social media strategies

  • Conversion campaigns to custom Meta audiences created from consumer purchasing data


After building out a strong content calendar with posts that educated key audiences in the science-based benefits of the brand’s products, launched paid campaigns that emerged as a primary source of website traffic — demonstrating remarkable efficiency from the start with an average cost-per-click of only $0.45 in the first month. Working with a new data partner, was able to tap into buying behaviors of more than 220 million American consumers to create custom audiences based on their previous purchases of online supplements. This strategic reallocation of ad spend to social channels enabled the brand to maximize their budget, achieving greater reach and engagement compared to other paid channels.



  • 1 million+ impressions

  • 4,030 link clicks at $0.45 per click


The investment paid off. Boosted posts and strategic ads across platforms generated over 1 million impressions in the first month of paid campaigns, driving 4,030 link clicks at just $0.45 cost-per-click. Pinterest ads resulted in more than 300,000 impressions on their own. As audiences were dialed in, began the work of improving visit quality to increase conversions with new website visitors. Services 


  • Launch of new social channels

  • Multi-platform campaign ideation and execution 

  • Differentiated content strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • Daily posting across channels

  • Ongoing paid social campaigns optimized for online conversions to select landing pages

  • Brand awareness and engagement campaigns to drive increased impressions

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