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Master-Planned Community

$0.14 Cost-per-Click



  • More than 12,000 website clicks

  • Average of $.14 cost-per-click

Aerial View of Suburban Street


As part of our commitment to achieving real results on social media, crafted a tailored social media strategy to help a longtime master-planned community client showcase their quick move-in homes (QMIs). By developing impactful assets along with a tailored paid social strategy, traffic from our campaigns was one of the top three website traffic sources month after month with an average cost-per-click significantly lower than other campaigns.

Jan 2024 Case Study Image 1.jpg


  • Denver Metro Area developer sought to boost website traffic to their quick move-in homes landing page

  • Social media engagement was strong, but leadership prioritized quicker home sales — necessitating a targeted online strategy

A master-planned community developer in the Denver Metro Area was challenged with driving additional web traffic to its quick move-in homes page. Although our ongoing social media management was responsible for significant engagement and website traffic, the developer’s leadership team needed to move homes quickly.


  • Allocation of paid media budget to QMI-focused campaigns on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Compelling advertisements to seamlessly integrate with the developer's brand aesthetic and user aspirations

To address the challenge of amplifying the online visibility of a specific page on the website while continuing to build a sense of place for the community, recommended allocating some paid media budget to QMI-focused campaigns on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. By leveraging the visually-oriented nature of the platforms, we crafted compelling and engaging advertisements that seamlessly integrated with the developer’s brand aesthetic and user aspirations.

Jan Case Study Image 3.jpg
Suburban Street


  • Strategic targeting of interested demographic led to a 700% increase in online visibility and impressions within first month

  • Over 12,000 website clicks at an average of $0.14 cost-per-click

By strategically targeting the demographic most likely to be interested in seamless and convenient home buying, we generated assets for the client and achieved an outstanding 700% increase in online visibility and impressions within the first month, ultimately driving more than 12,000 website clicks for the campaign in 2023 at an average of $0.14 cost-per-click. This significant boost was measured through analysis of website analytics, social media metrics, and online advertising performance. Services 


  • Multi-channel campaign ideation and execution 

  • Ongoing content strategy

  • Daily posting across channels

  • Monitoring for questions and comments

  • Targeted paid campaigns on social media platforms

  • Leveraging earned media

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