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International Medical Center 
54,000 Website Clicks



  • 54,000+ clicks to the website

  • More than $14 million in donations

Hospital Corridor

RESULTS MATTER Contributed to $14M+ in Fundraising Success for an Emergency Campaign

  • 54,000+ clicks to the website, contributing to more than $14 million in donations

  • 80% or more donors were first-time contributors

With a request to enhance a current client’s social media impact during a time of crisis, spearheaded a successful emergency campaign for the American fundraising arm of a top-10 international medical center.


  • A major crisis overseas led to an immediate need for more funding while taking advantage of the news cycle to generate awareness about the medical center and its far-reaching services.


The philanthropic organization approached with a critical challenge: The hospital urgently required more funds for essential medical equipment, staffing, and increased capacity. was tasked with generating online donations to address this pressing need.



  • Generate a boost in awareness in real time with daily updates

  • Prompt needed online donations through paid campaigns quickly switched to crisis strategies that mobilized the nonprofit’s audience through real-time updates each day during the early part of the emergency — while deploying three distinct campaigns to direct traffic to donation landing pages and secure contributions. Taking cues from our client, this quick, responsive shift to daily tactical action and strategic, targeted paid social engaged new potential donors and supporters looking for real-time updates while effectively communicating key initiatives through campaigns that drove high traffic rates and donations.

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  • 54,000+ clicks to the website, contributing to more than $14 million in donations


Our responsive approach to social media management turned an emergency fundraising campaign into a monumental success. By engaging the community, informing potential donors, and driving action through well-crafted content and paid campaigns, supported the nonprofit in exceeding fundraising goals — raising over $14 million — with 80% or more donors being first-time contributors. This case underscores the potent impact of integrated organic and paid social media strategies in mobilizing support for philanthropic causes, setting a new benchmark for digital fundraising efforts. Services 


  • Multi-channel campaign ideation and execution 

  • Ongoing content strategy

  • Daily posting across channels

  • Monitoring for questions and comments

  • Targeted paid campaigns on social media platforms

  • Leveraging earned media

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