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Mental Health Campaign

600+ Event Registrations 



  • More than 120,000 impressions

  • 438 new page fans at a $0.80 cost-per-fan

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In the spring of 2021, developed a three-week social media campaign for a nonprofit mental health advocacy organization. Combining engaging content with effective paid social, enhanced awareness and engagement around Mental Health Awareness Month/TD Awareness Week while driving sign-ups for a virtual fundraiser.

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Driving strong results for a short, two-week campaign while implementing a grant's conditions and KPIs.


The organization had qualified for a marketing grant from their national headquarters to promote TD Awareness Week alongside Mental Health Awareness Month, with a specific set of activities to be integrated into the overall campaign for grant compliance. The ultimate goal was driving engagement with key audiences who would see the organization as a resource for mental health assistance. The organization had some content provided by the national campaign, but didn’t have the strategic know-how to implement the conditions of the grant.


  • Personal stories, high-quality curated content, and resource links

  • Website traffic ads to drive event signups


To build awareness and credibility on the organization’s Facebook page, quickly developed organic and paid strategies to promote TD Awareness Week while also connecting with audiences who could turn to the organization when they needed it. Personal stories, high-quality curated content, and resource links were all part of the organic content strategy. On the paid side, fan campaigns and sponsored content were implemented to increase visibility, reach, and audiences for the organization. In addition, ran website traffic ads on Facebook that targeted a finely-tuned audience with the goal of driving virtual event signups.

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  • More than 120,000 impressions, with 800+ clicks

  • 438 new page fans at a $0.80 cost-per-fan

  • 600+ clicks to the event registration page


During the two weeks leading up to TD Awareness Week, and throughout the week itself, the paid and organic campaigns resulted in a sizable increase in engagement and more than 120,000 impressions, with 800+ clicks to the organization’s website. The fan campaign resulted in 438 new page fans at a $0.80 cost-per-fan, and the event website clicks campaign resulted in more than 600 clicks to the virtual walk registration page. The organization noted an uptick in event registrations from the previous year as well as positive engagement with potential beneficiaries of their services. Services 


  • Ad campaigns for TD Awareness Week and Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Weekly posts on Facebook promoting a diverse mix of trusted curated sources and owned content

  • Daily monitoring on Facebook to screen for comments, messages, and questions

  • Post boosts to increase visibility and brand awareness for client

  • Website traffic campaigns for registrations and fan campaigns to build a qualified audience base

  • Detailed reporting on all campaigns to share the value of optimized strategy and consistent posting

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