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Recession-Proof Your Marketing Team by Hiring an Agency

When I launched in August 2007, people thought I was bonkers for starting a new business as a global recession was looming. The thought of going independent and building something of my own was more compelling than accepting another marketing leadership job offer.

By the time the recession finally wound down, was thriving. It seemed that every time the media shared the latest economic bad news, more marketing professionals from large orgs reached out for help because they didn’t have the know-how to create a strategy or the team bandwidth to actually do the work.

Social media management had emerged as a powerful and affordable way to drive more business from the top of the funnel on down. But CMOs and marketing directors were slashing headcounts and cutting budgets, so the idea of hiring outside help with the chops to ensure they hit their numbers became much more compelling.

We all know that marketing budgets are often the first victims of a bad economy — it doesn’t make sense to cut back on the thing that’s actually designed to drive revenue, but that’s where many business leaders often start because they’re not convinced of its utility.

What if you could save your company money and drive more business with one smart decision?

We’re in a tough labor environment where good hires are hard to find. At the same time, you’re likely already under pressure to keep your team small due to economic uncertainty. Have you considered that engaging the right agency could be the lifeline you need to achieve your company goals while keeping a handle on your budget?

For about the cost of an FTE, you could have an entire team working for you — focused on building awareness, increasing engagement with your key target audiences, and driving new revenue through lead generation, e-commerce, or sales enablement.

Consistent, strategic, and stress-free.

And because your social media will no longer be handled by a single overworked individual with multiple plates to spin, your execution layer will never get sick, never go on vacation, and never quit. It just keeps chugging along day after day, week after week, driving outcomes that make you look like a hero.

That’s the power that comes from hiring an agency like ours. Our job is to keep your social media content strategic, effective, and bringing in dollars. We make you look good while saving your company the heartache that can come from losing a key person to attrition or budget cuts.

Our agency helps bridge the gap between sales and marketing — though those departments are merging more and more these days — because we design strategies and messaging with sales outcomes in mind. We’re not part of the infrastructure, so we’re able to straddle the entire sales funnel and activate it at every level. No single social media manager we’ve come across has had the bandwidth or the full set of capabilities to do everything we do.

Stop treading water.

If you’re shaking your head at the poor state of your current social presence, feeling the pressure to “get those numbers up,” or are just tired of the grind that comes from hiring and rehiring for the same position, let’s talk about your target audiences, business goals, and current challenges.

We’ll create a plan that lifts your spirit and gives you confidence in the coming months.

Eric Elkins is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Social Media. He loves to help clients grow their brands and increase revenue. He also likes to eat. A lot.



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