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Resolve the Revolving Door: Why Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency is the Smart Move for Your Brand

Updated: 3 days ago

By: Jenna Dreikorn

Between back-to-office mandates, generational change, growing demands, and a 20% turnover rate for marketing teams — according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — many companies are dealing with a revolving door of key employees and a loss of institutional knowledge. You’ve seen it before: Between the stress of trying to fill roles with people on-hand, questions about procedures, and the constant deluge of content posting and community management, performance dips and morale frays. 

Digital marketing requires many hats and marketing leaders know that their companies need specialized skills and must constantly adapt to new trends. This means that maintaining an effective digital presence — through content creation, advertising, social media management, and data analytics — is more essential than ever. But between challenges with hiring and retention, the constantly changing digital landscape, and the increasing need to tie efforts to ROI, more marketing execs are outsourcing aspects of their needs to agencies. That’s where we come in!

Why Outsourcing Social Media Management Beats In-House Efforts

You already know that social media marketing demands more than just sprinkling a few hashtags here and there. CMOs are finding that their in-house teams often struggle to juggle (nice rhyme!) the many roles needed to keep things consistent and strategic. So, why is a social media agency often the secret sauce to success? Let's break it down with these six key advantages.

  1. Dedicated Positions: Internal marketing teams often lack defined roles like advertising specialists, community managers, and content creators, forcing employees to juggle a mix of responsibilities. This can lead to missed opportunities and lower quality in your campaigns and engagement. Sure, juggling may be fun to watch — but it’s not the way you want to handle your marketing responsibilities.

  2. Time Management: Managing social media in-house can be a major time sink that pulls focus away from other essential operations. It involves the spinning plates of constant monitoring, content creation, engaging with followers, and keeping up with trends — which can overwhelm teams already busy with other tasks. Outsourcing to an agency lets your team focus on what they do best, boosting overall productivity and giving them a breather from the social media grind.

  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Building an in-house team is generally pricier than hiring an agency, with research showing that outsourcing can cut costs by up to 60% just on recruiting, training, and retaining skilled professionals. This way, you save on the budget while getting a consistent, trained team of experts who specialize in their services. Think about it like this — for about the cost of a single FTE, you get an entire team crushing it on your behalf day after day, week after week.

  4. Staying Updated with Trends: Keeping up with the latest marketing trends is a never-ending game — we do it like it’s our job (because it is actually our job). While your internal team focuses on productivity, outsourcing to an effective agency means someone in your corner is staying on top of the latest trends — whether it’s finding a new TikTok sound or creating an industry-relevant meme that’s sure to boost engagement. 

  5. Consistency: Let’s face it — stuff happens. Whether it’s from turnover, burnout, or just changes in motivation, keeping your brand’s social media channels consistent and strategic every damn day is a heavy lift. When you hire an agency, your social media doesn’t depend on the daily performance of one hired hand — a whole team is on the stick, ensuring your online presence never gets sick, never quits, and never goes on vacation.

  6. Reporting: Effective reporting on campaign performance is essential for making informed campaign decisions, but internal teams may struggle with generating consistent and accurate reports due to limited resources and expertise. If the thought of those endless sheets of data and numbers makes your eyes glaze over, a dedicated specialist from an agency can save the day. They provide detailed, accurate, and regular reports, turning all that data into valuable insights to optimize your marketing efforts (and they actually enjoy it, too).

Pros of Social Media Marketing Agency

If you’re thinking about hiring an agency, it’s important to note what they bring to the table. Agencies offer a wide range of services, so it’s important to align your goals with one that matches your needs. Use these insights to get a clearer picture of your potential partner:

  • Case Studies: Think of case studies as the agency’s highlight reel. They show how the team has driven results across various industries and challenges, giving you an idea of their expertise. You get accounts of how they tackled problems and achieved goals — complete with metrics, testimonials, and stories. It’s like getting a backstage pass to see how they work and the real results they’ve achieved for other clients.

  • Reviews: Positive reviews from happy clients are like gold stars for the agency, highlighting their ability to deliver on promises and achieve results. You can find these reviews on their website, social media, and review sites — they give you a peek into the agency’s level of customer service, reliability, and work quality. Satisfied clients often share specific successes and shout-outs, giving you a sense of trust and confidence in the agency’s capabilities.

  • Free Audits and Offers: Take a sneak peek into their work! Many agencies offer free audits or initial services to show off their value. These audits give a review of your current efforts, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. With this assessment, the agency showcases its expertise and how it can boost your business.

Want to see for yourself why hiring a social media marketing agency is a no-brainer? Contact us for a free social media report card and watch your brand soar to another level as our team works their magic to boost your visibility, engagement, and conversions. Let our pros handle the social media madness while you sit back and enjoy the results.

Community Manager Jenna Dreikorn is passionate about all facets of marketing — from automation tools to effective social media strategies — and she leverages her expertise to create engaging and innovative campaigns for WF clients. Beyond the marketing realm, she finds balance by teaching yoga classes every weekend and enjoying paddle boarding excursions.



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