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How to Foster Authenticity in the Rise of AI Marketing

By: Jenna Dreikorn

Even with the rise of AI streamlining marketing activities and processes by up to 80%, it's still crucial for marketers to maintain a human touch for both themselves and the brands they work on. In this era of technological advancement — where algorithms can predict consumer behavior and automate personalized campaigns — the essence of authenticity stands out as a beacon of trust and connection amid the digital noise.

Why AI in Marketing is Not Going Away

Despite the challenge of maintaining authenticity for customers, AI has become a staple in the marketing industry — with nearly 80% of marketers utilizing it across functions including content optimization, ad targeting, and email personalization. By analyzing data and patterns, AI significantly boosts productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in marketing operations. It enables marketers to create highly tailored content, deliver targeted advertisements, and personalize email campaigns with precision. However: While AI enhances operational effectiveness, it's crucial to balance its capabilities with human creativity and empathy to ensure that the marketing experiences you craft for consumers are actually connecting on a human level.

Here are a few strategies you can try to foster real connections in marketing alongside the rise of AI:

  1. Humanize your Brand: While AI can automate processes and analyze data with precision, it lacks the human touch. To bridge this gap, infuse your brand with personality and warmth. Whether it's through storytelling, user-generated content, or interactive experiences, humanizing your brand helps establish emotional relationships with your audience.

  2. Transparency in AI Use: Be upfront about the use of AI in your marketing efforts and educate your audience on how AI enhances their experience rather than replaces genuine human interaction. By being transparent about your AI initiatives, you build credibility and trust with your audience.

  3. Personalization with Purpose: Deliver personalized experiences tailored to the individual preferences and behaviors of your audience, such as real-time social engagement or creating content based on active listening strategies. Be sure that personalization comes from a real desire to make your customers' journey better, not just to sell more — real personalization shows that you get what your customers need and genuinely care about them.

  4. Empowerment through Co-creation: Involve your audience in the creation process by soliciting feedback, ideas, and contributions. Co-creating content or products with your customers fosters a sense of ownership and reinforces the authenticity of your brand by demonstrating a willingness to listen and collaborate.

In AI-driven marketing, authenticity remains crucial for building trust and credibility with discerning consumers. At, we seamlessly integrate AI into our strategies while prioritizing genuine connections. Our use of personalized strategies powered by AI algorithms helps us deliver tailored content that resonates with your audience to drive engagement and conversions. By humanizing your brand and transparently leveraging AI, we'll craft a thoughtful strategic plan that will guide your journey to success. Let's collaborate and create real connections that hit your goals!

Community Manager Jenna Dreikorn is passionate about all facets of marketing from automation tools to effective social media strategies, and she leverages her expertise to create engaging and innovative campaigns for WF clients. Beyond the marketing realm, she finds balance by teaching yoga classes every weekend and enjoying paddle boarding excursions. 



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