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A Spring Social Media Awakening

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

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Denver’s crazy weather this time of year (sun, then snow, then rain, then more sun, then a blizzard) means it can be difficult to really know if spring has actually arrived.

Luckily, the signs of springtime are in full bloom at World HQ:

  1. A bunch of new clients. We get a ton of calls in the early part of every year, after the post-holiday doldrums have passed, and CMOs, marketing directors, and interactive agencies start to dig into delivering on the new year’s goals and priorities. Although we’re taking on clients all the time, spring seems to be our busiest onboarding season. Late winter is full of excitement, while we conduct discovery work — learning about clients’ target audiences and business goals, doing competitive analysis, and creating social media plans that are designed to deliver on those goals. By early spring, our community managers are deep into implementation; updating content calendars, posting several times per day across platforms, and coordinating social advertising strategies. Lots of new clients also means…

  2. New team members! Because we get busier in the spring, we start hiring and training in late winter. Our process is pretty intense, because our team-based approach means that employees have a lot to learn in a short amount of time. We’re thrilled with the three new community managers we have brought on board since February.


  1. Metrics, metrics, metrics. One of the lovely things about social media in springtime is the way engagement levels seem to go up across all platforms, for all clients. We might see lulls for some clients at different times of year, but spring just seems awesome for everyone. It doesn’t hurt that, over the last (almost) eight years, we’ve become more sophisticated in driving engagement, website traffic, and conversions and revenue through social media.

  2. Springtime energy. With several employees marking anniversaries in the last couple of months, we’ve had fun celebratory status meetings, honoring their contributions to the team. Warmer weather also means we’re able to keep our big door open during the day, which fills the office with light and fresh air. And with new friends on the team, and everyone busily making our clients happy, our energy is upbeat and full of promise.

As CEO and Chief Strategist of, Eric brings nearly two decades of of experience to our clients. In his other life, he’s a single dad, a good eater, and a bourbon aficionado.

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