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Plowing Through Uncertainty: 2022 in Review

It’s already summer?

How can it be October?

Wait, December is over?

In the post-ish-pandemic year that was 2022, time continued to be a flummoxing construct. And at we powered through it all, keeping our clients’ social media channels consistent, strategic, and creative — day after day, week after week. With our heads down in content writing, community management, and optimizing paid social campaigns, the passage of time was something we mostly noticed when external events broke into our focus — the punctuation of world news, social media tumult, and seasonal changes.

Q1’s Omicron wave didn’t stop us from hitting the new year hard, with several B2B tech clients looking to burst out of 2021’s fog to combat the economic uncertainty that ever seemed to be on the horizon. Plus ça change, right? The good news this year is that we have additional insights to share about 2023… click here to download.

Through the spring client work chugged away, along with impactful campaigns for nonprofits looking to increase their visibility and reach to both the vulnerable communities they serve and the donors who could help make a difference. With the melting snow came updates to client branding and a focus on driving more e-commerce sales in spite of inflationary pressures on prices. The key was building brand trust and creating a sense of value for their products. Pinterest continued to blossom as a channel for driving lots of website traffic at a low cost.

The usual summer lull never happened: Between real-time, on-premise event coverage for our fintech client’s big conference, an uptick in demand for B2B SaaS social media management, and our homebuilder clients looking to drive model tours before interest rates rose further, we were busy from solstice to equinox. In fact, new hires made our team more fun than ever — and more experienced and productive, as well.

If you didn’t make it to our 15th anniversary party in October, let us know — we’ll mail you our killer schwag package. Celebrating with clients, supporters, partners, and friends was stellar, but the real reward was flying the whole team into Denver and learning, snacking, hugging, and laughing together for the first time since March of 2020. Easily my favorite “work” moment of 2022. Truly magical.

And here we are in a brand new month and year, having survived the annual holiday crush where everything stacks up — client reports and new ad campaigns and content writing, real-time monitoring through the season while strategizing and positioning for the next quarter, working through budgets, and prognosticating. All while watching one of our favorite social platforms catch fire, forcing us to rethink our recommendations to clients as well as our own approach. How do you conduct marketing on a channel where your brand’s messaging could easily end up alongside hate speech and dangerous misinformation? We’re doing what we recommended to our clients — taking a pause for now.

And away we go…

What’s 2023 looking like? We have thoughts. Lots of them. And if you’re interested in our 2023 intelligence brief — which details three main insights plus a bonus recommendation — click here for the download. We’d love to hear what you think.

The uncertainty continues, but we will keep doing what we’ve always done — learn, adapt, and help our clients grow. If you’re ready to hire a team to improve your brand’s social presence, we’re ready to spend this year supporting your vision and expanding your reach.

Happy new year!




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