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All Your Memories Are Belong to Us: Social Media, 2007 vs. 2022

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Select Flashbacks from 15 Years in the Life of Social Media Agency

With top-flight tacos and cocktails in hand — and love in our hearts — and friends gathered last week at the top of the historic D&F Clocktower to marvel at the city views, find out what we all looked like outside of Zoom calls, and remember how much the social media game has changed since our 2007 launch.

THEN: Be elated because we got on Facebook even though we weren’t in college anymore.

NOW: Use Facebook to actually drive revenue for both B2B and B2C companies.




THEN: Explain to disengaged CEOs of big corporations why social media isn’t “just for kids.”

NOW: Get informed by invested CEOs about the audiences they’re targeting — by platform — and which content seems to be resonating.

THEN: Be jealous of the friend who figured out how to get a .gif into their MySpace profile pic.

THEN: See the team each day at World HQ.

NOW: See a fully-remote team every year or so.

THEN: Marvel at a mobile app that lets you exchange contact cards with a fist bump. NOW: Monitor and run the whole agency via mobile apps.

THEN: Hire professional photographers for product images that are too high-res for online use.

NOW: Capture hi-res videos on our own phones to use across social platforms.

THEN: Keep an agency going through the 2007-08 financial meltdown.

NOW: Keep an agency going through COVID, upheaval, and a potential recession.

I can’t adequately express how honored and humbled I am by the support and love the team has received over the years. We are deeply grateful to our former and current clients, strategic partners, friends, family, and teammates.

Thank you,

EE P.S. If you need effective and consistent social for your org, let’s talk about what’s changing. Platforms evolve (or get stale). The tactics that kept us fed 10 years ago need updating. Let’s strategize and execute to keep your company relevant and successful. P.P.S. Follow these wonderful folks who elevated our Oct. 13th celebration: Doña Loca Mezcal, Gringos Tacos, The Whiskey Hitch, Clock Tower Events, Frosted by Jules, and Joy Squad.



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