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Bring It On, June!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Tis’ the warm weather event season, friends. Sit back, sip a bacon bloody Mary, and let us break down Denver’s event calendar for your reading pleasure.

June edition.

One of the coolest parts of working at is our CEO encouraging us to live our lives in inspirational, beautifully unique ways. No restraints. So I put together this list because we have an intellectually demanding, diverse staff that demands new, dynamic experiences in this state and beyond.

Film on the Rocks

May 15 - September 11


Photo Cred: Facebook Red Rocks Page

If you’ve been in Denver longer than 5 minutes, you know how important Film on the Rocks is to Colorado natives. As with any Red Rocks event, the coolest of the cool are more than happy to endure wind, snow, and rain just to hear local bands and watch classics like “Purple Rain” (can we take a moment, please?). With a solid 2017 line-up, including “Bridesmaids,” “The Fifth Element,” and “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of Desert,” you’d be remiss if you didn’t attend at least one show. Plus you can bring in snacks. And the team loves us some snacks.

June 3 & 4


Photo Cred: Michael Rieger — with Dawn Morrison Wagner.

The Denver Chalk Art Festival isn’t your kid’s poorly executed sidewalk art, folks.

You know it’s true.

You’ll find a ton of things to do the weekend of June 3, but this event brings Denver artists’ creativity to the streets. More than 200 artists create real-time works over two days — human skill and imagination on display for an ephemeral moment, before it’s all washed away by the next massive summer thunderstorm. And because it’s located on Denver’s popular Larimer Square, you can take a long cocktail break at any of the fabulous bars mid-chalk walk.

B-Side Music Fridays

Fridays in June

Free with museum admission, $5 after 5PM

I have a thing for the MCA; we’ve been making memories for years, and sure, it’s not Facebook official, but it’s serious.

Maybe it’s the eclectic, thought-provoking exhibits. Perhaps it’s the strong pour cocktails. Or it

could be,

could be,

that beautiful rooftop, which hosts some of the coolest bands in Denver.

If you’ve never been to B-Side Music Fridays, go.


It’s one of those Denver thangs that will impress out-of-town guests, first dates, and just make you feel as though you’re in Chelsea even if you’ve never been there.

If you’re nervous about going alone, just contact one of us...we’ll 100% meet you there. Well, I will.

June 6, July 4, August 1


The fam is in wicked good shape (abs of steel!), and because they love and support me, they understand the only way to convince me to do any kind of physical activity is to pair it with hooch and sweet, sweet jams. So when they discovered CorePower yoga + Infinite Monkey Theorem wine, they knew I was down. The cool thing about flowing with accompanying beats is you can tune out all those inner voices and just chill the hell out while bettering your body, mind, and spirit. If I can do it, you can do it!

June 23 & 24


Our Senior Strategist is a little obsessed with Denver Union Station, and frankly, we don’t blame her. Smashing cocktails, insta-worthy food, trains, and hula hoopers? Yas. Buskerfest embraces the odd and extraordinary. This free festival breaks up the monotony of Denver’s Civic Park events (no judgement) and allows you to let your freak flag fly. Freely.

Sidenote: If you can book a room at The Crawford? Your life will be forever changed in the best possible way.

--By Stephanie March

Stephanie March is a Denver native (people seem to like this detail), hates hiking and the mountains, but will travel for a cold PBR and an enlightening convo about the awesomeness of Anaïs Nin. She’s a senior community manager and specializes in sending semi-inappropriate GIFs to her team members. It’s a skill, people.


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