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100+ Social Media Holidays to Add to Your Content Calendar

Updated: Feb 7

In the fast-paced realm of social media, capturing your audience's attention is a must. While major holidays and observances hold their significance, infusing your content calendar with pop culture phenomena, national celebrations, and playful occasions can inject a burst of excitement and relevance into your social media strategy.

We've curated an engaging collection of noteworthy dates to ensure you have an abundance of captivating content ideas at your fingertips. So, let’s dive in and explore the highlights of each month!

SURPRISE 🎉 We also have a *freebie* for you! Scroll to the bottom of this post to download our Social Media Holidays Calendar, which includes the days mentioned in this post and much more!

Table of Contents


Independence Day (July 4): Celebrate America's independence with patriotic content, fireworks displays, historical facts, or organize a virtual 4th of July party for your followers.

International Kissing Day (July 6): Celebrate love and affection on International Kissing Day. Share heartwarming stories and encourage your audience to express their love through a simple kiss.

National Clean Beauty Day (July 15): Share information about clean beauty brands, tips for incorporating clean beauty, and promote eco-friendly beauty options.

National Ice Cream Day (Third Sunday in July): Delight your audience with mouthwatering ice cream content, collaborate with local ice cream shops, or organize a virtual ice cream tasting event.

Comic Con International: Tap into the excitement of one of the largest pop culture conventions by sharing news, trailers, and exclusive content related to movies, TV shows, and comics.

National Hammock Day (July 22): Encourage relaxation and self-care by sharing cozy hammock setups, tips for unwinding, or organizing a virtual hammock photo contest.

International Day of Friendship (July 30): Celebrate the power of friendship by sharing heartwarming stories, organizing virtual hangouts, or partnering with organizations that promote inclusivity and connection.

National Watermelon Day (August 3): Embrace the summer vibes with refreshing watermelon-themed content and recipes, or collaborate with local farmers' markets.

Olympic Games: Join the global excitement around the Olympic Games by giving updates, sharing highlights, and supporting athletes from your country.


Black Business Month: Support and celebrate Black-owned businesses in August. Highlight success stories, promote products/services, and encourage your audience to shop from Black entrepreneurs.

National Book Lovers Day (August 9): Celebrate the joy of reading by sharing book recommendations, hosting virtual book clubs, or collaborating with authors and publishers.

World Photography Day (August 19): Showcase the art of photography by sharing stunning visuals, featuring talented photographers, or organizing a photo contest for your audience.

Women's Equality Day (August 26): Promote gender equality by sharing inspiring stories of women's achievements, hosting discussions, or supporting women-led initiatives.

National Beach Day (August 30): Embrace the summer spirit with beach-themed content, sharing beach hacks, or organizing a virtual beach party for your followers.

MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs): Engage music and pop culture enthusiasts with content related to the VMAs including nominee predictions, red carpet fashion discussions, and live updates during the event.

International Bacon Day (Saturday before Labor Day): Indulge your audience's love for bacon with mouthwatering content, recipes, or collaborations with local restaurants or brands.


National Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrate Hispanic culture and contributions. Share stories, showcase influential figures, support Hispanic-owned businesses, and make a plan to keep the celebration going through the year.

Labor Day (First Monday in September): Acknowledge the contributions of workers by sharing messages of appreciation, offering exclusive discounts, or organizing virtual team-building activities.

National Video Games Day (September 12): Engage gamers by sharing game reviews, hosting live gaming sessions, or partnering with gaming influencers for collaborations.

International Day of Peace (September 21): Spread messages of peace and unity by sharing inspiring quotes, promoting acts of kindness, or collaborating with peace organizations to raise awareness.

Fashion Week: Follow and share the latest trends, behind-the-scenes moments, and runway highlights from popular fashion weeks around the world.

World Tourism Day (September 27): Inspire wanderlust by sharing travel tips and breathtaking travel destinations. Feature stunning travel photography, showcase travel stories, or partner with travel influencers to provide insider tips and recommendations.

International Podcast Day (September 30): Share your favorite podcasts, highlight creators, and engage with your audience through podcast-related discussions.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Dedicate the month to raising awareness about breast cancer, sharing stories of survivors, and promoting early detection and support initiatives.

International Coffee Day (October 1): Energize your audience with coffee-themed content, collaborate with local coffee shops, or organize a virtual coffee tasting event.

Eric’s birthday (October 4): Celebrate our own beloved CEO by sending food recommendations or whole pies to our HQ. (Eric may or may not have written this entry.)

World Mental Health Day (October 10): Encourage mental health conversations by sharing resources, tips for self-care, or partnerships with mental health organizations to provide support.

World Food Day (October 16): Highlight global cuisine by sharing recipes from different cultures, promoting sustainable food practices, or collaborating with food-related influencers.

Oktoberfest: Tap into the festivities of this world-renowned German beer celebration by sharing brew recommendations, hosting virtual tasting sessions, or featuring traditional Bavarian recipes.

National Boss's Day (October 16): Recognize and appreciate leaders by sharing inspiring stories, offering leadership tips, or hosting virtual appreciation events.

Halloween (October 31): Embrace the spooky season with Halloween-themed content, costume ideas, horror movie recommendations, or organize a virtual costume contest.


Men's Health Awareness Month: Spark conversations about men's health issues. Share information about men's health topics, promote regular check-ups, and support organizations dedicated to improving men's well-being.

Veterans Day (November 11): Honor veterans and active-duty military personnel by sharing messages of gratitude, historical facts, or supporting veteran-focused initiatives.

World Kindness Day (November 13): Inspire acts of kindness by sharing heartwarming stories, encouraging your audience to perform random acts of kindness, or collaborating with charitable organizations.

National Cake Day (November 26): Indulge your audience's sweet tooth by sharing delectable cake recipes, collaborating with local bakeries, or hosting a virtual cake decorating contest.

Friendsgiving: Encourage your audience to celebrate friendship and gratitude by sharing Friendsgiving recipes, hosting virtual gatherings, or organizing a Friendsgiving-themed giveaway.

Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday in November): Celebrate the spirit of gratitude and togetherness on Thanksgiving. Share recipes, host gratitude challenges, or engage your audience in discussions about what they are thankful for.

Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving): Capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy by sharing exclusive deals, offering discounts with partners, organizing virtual shopping events, or encouraging your followers to skip it all and spend the day with family.

Small Business Saturday (Saturday after Thanksgiving): Encourage your audience to shop locally, share their favorite small businesses, and offer exclusive deals or collaborations with local entrepreneurs.

Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving): Share exclusive discounts, highlight popular products, and create a sense of urgency for your audience to take advantage of limited-time offers.

Giving Tuesday (First Tuesday after Thanksgiving): Encourage generosity and giving back. Promote charitable causes, partner with nonprofits, and inspire your audience to make a positive impact by donating their time, resources, or funds.


World AIDS Day (December 1): Raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, share educational resources, or collaborate with organizations dedicated to supporting those affected by the disease.

Hanukkah (Beginning on the 25th of Kislev): Embrace the Festival of Lights by sharing traditions, recipes, or partnering with Jewish organizations to promote Hanukkah events.

National Cookie Day (December 4): Treat your audience to delicious cookie content, showcase various cookie recipes, or partner with local bakeries for promotions.

Human Rights Day (December 10): Advocate for human rights by sharing stories of activism, promoting equality, or collaborating with organizations dedicated to protecting human rights.

National Hot Cocoa Day (December 13): Warm up your audience with indulgent hot cocoa recipes, showcase unique flavors, or partner with local cafes for exclusive promotions.

Winter Solstice (December 21): Embrace the arrival of winter by sharing cozy content, suggesting winter recipes, or organizing virtual winter-themed activities for your followers.

Ugly Sweater Day (Third Friday in December): Join the fun and festive spirit by encouraging your audience to share their best ugly sweater photos, hosting virtual ugly sweater contests, or collaborating with clothing brands for holiday promotions.

Christmas (December 25): Celebrate the joy of Christmas with your audience. Share warm holiday wishes, festive decorations, and happy moments. Encourage acts of kindness and generosity while spreading holiday cheer.

Kwanzaa (December 26-January 1): Celebrate the rich heritage of the African diaspora during the seven days of Kwanzaa. Embrace the vibrant traditions, symbols, and rituals while uplifting the Black community and promoting cultural pride.

New Year's Eve (December 31): Bid farewell to the year with celebratory content, reflections, goal-setting discussions, or a virtual New Year's Eve party for your followers.


New Year's Day (January 1): The perfect time to reflect on the past year, set goals, and inspire your audience with motivational content.

Golden Globe Awards: A key event in the entertainment industry and a chance to engage your audience by sharing red carpet looks, predictions, and live updates during the ceremony.

National Trivia Day (January 4): Spark engagement with trivia quizzes that challenge your followers' knowledge about pop culture, or create fun polls related to interesting facts.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday in January): Commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by sharing inspiring quotes, historical information, or promoting social justice initiatives.

Sundance Film Festival: Celebrate the world of independent cinema by sharing trailers, reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the festival's highlights.

Opposite Day (January 25): Embrace the whimsy of Opposite Day, where everything is turned upside-down. Encourage your audience to have fun with role reversals, share playful pranks, or post content that challenges conventional norms.

Fun at Work Day (January 26): Inspire positivity and teamwork by sharing fun workplace stories, behind-the-scenes moments, or organizing virtual team-building activities.

Grammy Awards: Engage music enthusiasts with content related to the prestigious Grammy Awards, including nominee predictions, red carpet fashion discussions, and live updates during the ceremony.


Black History Month: Dedicate the month to celebrating African-American achievements, sharing impactful stories, and promoting diversity and inclusion. And then continue that effort all year long.

Super Bowl Sunday: Engage sports fans and create content related to the big game by sharing highlights, predictions, and tasty recipes.

National Pizza Day (February 9): Indulge your audience's cravings with pizza-related content, promotions, or partnerships with local pizzerias.

Galentine's Day (February 13): Celebrate love and friendship among women by sharing empowering messages, highlighting strong female role models, or organizing virtual events where women can come together to support and uplift one another.

Valentine's Day (February 14): Create heartfelt content, share romantic stories, suggest gift ideas, or organize love-themed contests to celebrate this special day.

Chinese New Year: Embrace the festivities surrounding the Lunar New Year by sharing traditional customs, zodiac predictions, and cultural insights. Use authoritative curated content to ensure you’re being culturally sensitive.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17): Inspire your audience to spread positivity by sharing personal anecdotes, encouraging them to perform random acts of kindness, and organizing virtual charity drives.

Academy Awards (Oscars): Join the conversation around the most prestigious film awards by sharing nominee predictions, red carpet fashion discussions, and live updates during the ceremony.


Women's History Month: Dedicate March to celebrating and honoring women's contributions throughout history. Share inspiring stories, highlight influential women, and promote gender equality and empowerment.

National Day of Unplugging (First Friday in March): Take a break from technology and embrace the present moment. Encourage your audience to disconnect, engage in screen-free experiences, and enjoy quality time with loved ones.

International Women's Day (March 8): Celebrate the achievements of women and promote gender equality by sharing inspiring stories, hosting discussions, or collaborating with women-led organizations.

Daylight Saving Time Begins: Remind your audience to adjust their clocks and offer tips on how to make the most of longer days.

Ramadan (Starts March 11): Join the global observance of Ramadan and show support for the Muslim community during this month of fasting, prayer, and reflection by sharing messages of respect, understanding, and inclusivity.

Pi Day (March 14): Engage the math and science enthusiasts in your audience by sharing fun facts, math puzzles, or hosting a Pi Day trivia contest. Alternatively, go wink-wink with it and lean into the dessert aspect of the holiday!

St. Patrick's Day (March 17): Go green and celebrate Irish culture by sharing historical facts, traditional recipes, or even organizing virtual St. Patrick's Day-themed contests.

World Sleep Day (Second Friday in March): Share tips for better sleep, relaxation techniques, or partner with sleep-related brands to offer exclusive promotions.

Astrology Day (March 20): Explore the captivating world of astrology on this celestial day. Share horoscope readings and zodiac memes, or sip on flavors that capture your celestial essence!

International Day of Happiness (March 20): Inspire positivity and well-being by sharing uplifting quotes, happiness tips, or organizing a gratitude challenge for your followers.

NCAA March Madness: Tap into the excitement of college basketball's biggest tournament by sharing bracket predictions, game highlights, and fan discussions.

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (March 29): Celebrate local businesses and their impact on communities. Support (and tag!) small shops and services, and encourage your audience to shop small.

Easter (First Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon): Celebrate the joy of Easter by sharing messages of hope and renewal or by hosting a virtual Easter egg hunt for your audience to win a special prize!


Move More Month: Promote an active lifestyle and encourage your audience to incorporate more movement into their routines. Share fitness tips and motivation for staying active and healthy.

April Fools' Day (April 1): Unleash your creativity with humorous and lighthearted content and pranks, or engage your audience with clever challenges.

World Health Day (April 7): Promote health and wellness by sharing tips and resources or collaborating with health-related brands or influencers.

National Siblings Day (April 10): Celebrate the bond between siblings by encouraging your audience to share stories or photos, or organize sibling-themed giveaways.

Tax Day (April 15): Help your audience navigate tax season and make the most of their refunds. Provide tips for small businesses on maximizing deductions and managing finances. Encourage using tax refunds to support local businesses or charities.

Earth Day (April 22): Raise awareness about environmental issues, share eco-friendly tips, or organize a virtual clean-up challenge to inspire your audience to take action.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival: Engage music and festival enthusiasts with content related to one of the world's most popular music festivals including artist spotlights, fashion inspiration, and live updates.

National Superhero Day (April 28): Pay homage to beloved superheroes by sharing trivia, hosting debates on favorite characters, or partnering with comic book stores.

National Arbor Day (Last Friday in April): Promote environmental awareness by sharing the importance of trees, organizing tree-planting initiatives, or collaborating with environmental organizations.


Mental Health Awareness Month: Dedicate the month to raising awareness about mental health, sharing resources, and providing support to your audience.

Star Wars Day (May 4): May the Fourth be with you! Share Star Wars trivia, fan art, or organize a virtual Star Wars-themed costume contest.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5): Celebrate Mexican culture and history by sharing traditional recipes, music recommendations, or collaborating with local nonprofits and community organizations.

Met Gala (First Monday in May): Share your favorite red carpet moments and draw inspiration from the breathtaking creativity on display — and maybe even meme it 👀

National Teacher Appreciation Day (First Tuesday in May): Show gratitude to educators by sharing stories, offering exclusive discounts for teachers, or organizing a virtual thank-you campaign.

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia (May 17): Stand against discrimination and promote inclusivity on this important day. Share educational content, inspiring stories, and messages of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Mother's Day (Second Sunday in May): Celebrate mothers and maternal figures with heartwarming content, gift ideas, or stories of remarkable moms.

World Bee Day (May 20): Raise awareness about the environmental importance of bees by sharing facts, offering tips on creating bee-friendly spaces, or partnering with bee conservation organizations.

National Wine Day (May 25): Cheers to wine enthusiasts by sharing wine pairings, hosting virtual wine tastings, or partnering with local wineries for exclusive promotions.

Memorial Day (May 27): Honor the brave. Reflect, unite, and show support for our armed forces. Whatever you do, don’t use this day to promote barbecuing and holiday sales.


Pride Month: Embrace and support the LGBTQ+ community by sharing stories, listing resources, and promoting inclusivity throughout the month, then commit to continued support throughout the year

National Cheese Day (June 4): Indulge in the deliciousness of National Cheese Day. If you want to do a really gouda job on social media, celebrate this savory occasion by sharing mouthwatering cheese recipes, pairing suggestions, and fun cheese facts. We brie-lieve this might be our very favorite holiday!

National Best Friends Day (June 8): Celebrate the bonds of friendship by encouraging your audience to share their best friend stories, organizing virtual hangouts, or hosting a friendship-themed giveaway.

Juneteenth (June 19): Commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans by sharing historical information, promoting Black-owned businesses, or participating in community events.

World Music Day (June 21): Share your love for music by creating playlists, highlighting local artists, or encouraging your audience to name their favorite songs and concert memories.

Father's Day (Third Sunday in June): Honor fathers and father figures with heartfelt content, gift ideas, or stories of extraordinary dads.

National Selfie Day (June 21): Encourage your audience to embrace their selfie game by sharing tips for the perfect selfie, hosting a selfie contest, or showcasing user-generated selfie content.

International Yoga Day (June 21): Promote health and wellness by sharing yoga poses, suggesting mindfulness techniques, or organizing virtual yoga sessions for your followers.

Social Media Day (June 30): Celebrate the power of social media! Share your favorite moments, tips, and reflections. And don’t forget to thank the social media team for their hard work in building an engaging online presence *hint hint* 😉

Incorporating these significant pop culture moments, national holidays, and fun-filled days into your content calendar is like throwing a handful of confetti on your social media strategy — it’s attention-getting, playful, and a whole lot of fun!

Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: Download our FREE Social Media Holidays Calendar now and get started creating engaging and fun content all year long! And when you’re done celebrating and need help honing your social media strategy to drive revenue and hit KPIs, get in touch with for a discovery call. We can’t wait to learn more about your organization so we can help you thrive!



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