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8 Drinks I Think Everyone Should Try Based on My Coworkers’ Zodiac Signs

By Pluto (as told to Alyssa Ermish)

The summer season is upon us — and if you’re like me (an extremely online betta fish), that means you’re looking forward to rooftop bars and drinks on the deck from the comfort of your fish bowl.

Though I characterize myself as a strictly social drinker (and a lightweight at around 2-3 ounces), I like my drinks to count. I’m not a “throw it back” kind of fish and prefer to sip my drink and try new things when I go out. All this is to say: If you’re at all like me and you’re looking for some new and intriguing drinks to try, these are the concoctions at the top of my list. Inspired by the crew’s zodiac signs and personalities, I’m sure that all aquatic and human readers alike will find something to enjoy!

Paige | Gemini

Bartender’s Choice: Death in the Afternoon

As a Gemini with a Capricorn moon and a Libra rising sign, the perfect drink for our in-house graphic designer has to be the Death in the Afternoon cocktail. Despite the intimidating name, this simple cocktail includes only absinthe and champagne — the perfect blend of mystery, class, and creativity! It’s a drink that won’t quite reveal all of its cards at once, making it feel a little bit new and surprising every time.

Tristen | Virgo

Bartender’s Choice: The Classic Negroni

Community Manager Tristen is a Virgo through and through — organized, neat, and driven — but their Cancer moon means their personality is packed with empathy and emotion. It makes them a magnetic person in every room, so it only makes sense to pair them with a classic negroni. This libation is a standard in nearly every bar worth mentioning. Though this mix of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth can seem simple and straightforward to prepare, it takes the subtle hand of a master mixologist to truly make it shine. At the end of the day, a negroni isn’t trying hard to impress you… but it will anyway.

Eric | Libra

Bartender’s Choice: The Hugo Spritz

WF CEO Eric exudes all things Libra. He’s charming and full of fun in a way that’s never disingenuous or overwhelming, and his Leo rising sign means he also backs all of that essence up with confidence and sophistication.

The Hugo Spritz — made with elderflower liqueur — can at first glance seem like an unapproachable drink. But one sip of this sweet, bubbly, and whimsical-but-elegant cocktail will have you convinced. It’s a wonderfully refreshing cocktail worthy of both fancy parties and hot summer days on your patio.

Alyssa | Scorpio

Bartender’s Choice: Jager Float

Pluto might have a type… and it’s probably Scorpios. We have three Scorpios on our team, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re all the same. With a Scorpio sun and Capricorn rising sign, Community Manager Alyssa can externally appear to be A LOT. But her Aries moon means she is sweet and soft on the inside of that very spiny exterior!

She’s a driven person with a lot of passion and a “cut the BS” attitude that’s not for everyone — so it makes sense to pair her with a drink that includes the spicy digestif Jagermeister. However, we can’t forget the sweetness under all of that kick and spice: hence the Jager Float Cocktail!

Katie | Scorpio

Bartender’s Choice: Fireball Sangria

Like Alyssa, our Director of Operations comes with a little bit of spice — there’s rarely a chance you’ll meet a Scorpio without it! She too is a Capricorn rising, although her Gemini moon tempers this. Her moon gives her some air sign levity and fun, but this also means her mood can be easily shifted.

Instead of the put-some-hair-on-your-chest burn of Jager, the spice of Fireball matches Katie’s Scorpio vibe. Fireball sangria means you still get that cinnamon heat, although it can be quite refreshing in a fruity sangria on a sunny day. Just like Katie, the cinnamon doesn’t take away from this classic drink — it’s what makes us love it more!

Molly | Scorpio

Bartender’s Choice: Long Island Iced Tea Mocktail

With a Libra rising sign and a Capricorn moon, Ad Strategist Molly can be a tough nut to crack. She tends to play it close to the chest and to keep her Scorpio emotions and ambitions to herself. To someone on the outside, they might think she is someone who could be easily manipulated or pushed around — but they would be very, very wrong.

I chose the mocktail Long Island Iced Tea for Molly because it can be a powerful drink for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re getting themselves into. Sweet and easy to drink, this is one mocktail you’ll want to take seriously.

Zach | Aquarius

Bartender’s Choice: The Manhattan

Zach’s Aquarius sun, Leo rising, and Scorpio moon mean he was cool before it was cool to be cool — and just like the classic Manhattan, he’ll be cool even when the times change.

Not concerned with trends, Zach is a person who is just doing his thing. If it happens to be whatever’s in style, that’s just fine with this aloof guy. This isn’t to say he’s a person without taste — in fact, it’s the opposite. Our Managing Editor has been defining his palate and knowledge in a way that makes him the antithesis of the dreaded hipster character trope. Zach is intelligent, clever, and a thinker who’s not without empathy. In summary: Look for the guy with a Manhattan in his hand and you’ll find the most interesting person in the room.

Amanda | Pisces

Bartender’s Choice: Beyonce’s Lemonade

Our team has no shortage of individuals who have a lot going on underneath the surface, and Amanda is one of the finest. Her Pisces sun (a fish, just like me) and Gemini rising sign mean people can take her fun and kind personality as indication that she has her head in the clouds. But the reality is that her Aries moon makes her a dynamic and outgoing individual with endless drive.

Beyonce’s Lemonade fits our Director of Strategy and Relationships perfectly: While someone else is over there drinking their IPA or dry martini and scoffing at this fruity drink, other people in the room know it packs a punch. So what if it’s cute? So what if it’s sweet? This cocktail proves you can have fun, look hot, and get the job done better than all the weak yeast-water-drinking naysayers who dared to underestimate you.

Want a reco for your summer cocktail of choice? Reach out and I’ll give it a… shot.

Pluto is a betta fish originally hailing from a LoHi pet store where they received their F.S.H degree with honors. Over the last 15+ years, our “office fish” has absorbed much wisdom about social media strategy (by osmosis). Pluto likes eating fish pellets, listening to Reel Big Fish, and flopping around on the beach.

Alyssa Ermish is a community manager at with a passion for written language. Armed with her knowledge of the latest trends in the digital marketing space and her chameleon-like ability to match her writing to the tone your brand needs, she is the cross-stitching, sticker collecting, social media junky you didn’t even know you were looking for.



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