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Kittens, Coffee, and Creativity: A Day in the Life of a Staffer

Updated: Jun 22, 2020 is a dynamic, real-time social media agency, but what does that actually mean? Our staff members are more than autonomic content generators—they’re a diverse group of go-getters with quirks, hobbies, and personal passion projects! Meet one of these wacky wordsmiths below:


Mornings are my nemesis.

As a lifelong insomniac, I know that some days are meant to be early days and some are meant to be late days. Obviously it varies within reason, but the freedom to follow my circadian rhythm by finding a job with a flexible schedule has changed my life.

And strategic wardrobe choices—like pajamas that pass as outfits—don’t hurt.

The two little monsters in my house are huge fans of this lifestyle. It’s a rare occasion when I don’t wake up cozied up with a cat...or at the very least with an obscene amount of cat hair.

This morning is no exception. Today, the beast known alternately as Cheryl, Carol, Munchkin, or Poop-face serves as my morning alarm.

I highly recommend this cuddle-powered alarm system to anyone and everyone — it makes it very difficult to have a bad day. Not that they don’t happen, but I have high hopes for today.


Contrary to what you might think of an erratic sleeper, routines are an important part of my mornings. Whether a day is a work day or a non-work day dictates the first 30 to 60 minutes. Today being a work day, my must-haves are coffee, NPR, and quiet time on my tree-lined balcony.

Listening to the news is more than a veiled attempt at adulthood. I am ravenously curious about all things. And knowing, however superficially, the salient points of the day’s news both activates my brain and helps me keep my day in perspective. Especially if there’s something stressful on the docket, placing myself as just another small character in this great big world, and an even smaller character in the universe at large, takes some of the anxiety out of the day. It also solidifies my role as “that annoying friend” who talks geopolitics at the bar later.


Not my human co-workers -- they’re phenomenal. But today is a Thursday, which means team members are working from home (or the coffee shops of their choice). So, for now, I’m stuck with a fuzzy monster who thinks every piece of paper I set down is a bed. Jerk.

I can only handle Madame Scratchy for so long before the distraction is too much. I head out to my favorite coffee shop: Roostercat Coffee House.

I’d like to say I’m one of those people who consumes caffeine in moderation...but I don’t want to go lying in a public forum. Three or four cups of coffee later, I’m on a roll with a monthly report for one of our clients. Data aggregation might not be your preferred pastime, but it’s definitely mine.

Next on the agenda, though, is something equally nerdy, but a lot boozier. My passion project and where you’ll find me once a month: Nerd Nite Denver.


Two of my favorite activities are drinking whiskey and learning things. So two years ago, I co-founded and began hosting the local chapter of Nerd Nite, a once-a-month show that promotes two things: thinking and drinking. Each month, at the Oriental Theater, 200 or so nerds gather to hear presentations from local experts. We’ve had presentations on everything from the ethics of killing zombies, to atomic clocks, to the psychological value of toys. Needless to say, it’s a good time.

And that’s how a typical day in the life of Sara ends. On stage, a little tipsy, promoting a culture of laughter and learning. Tomorrow, we start all over again. Cheers!

--by Sara D. Wilson

When not geeking out on social media metrics as’ chief analytics and reporting guru, Sara D. Wilson can be found reading almost anything, filling up her passport, and nerding about town.

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