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Gratitude for lessons learned and successes in 2015

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

In 2015, broke our record for annual revenue, but that wasn’t even the best thing that happened in the last year. In addition to marvelous personal highlights (including two weddings and a few killer trips), the team came together in a big way. Even Pluto got a new tank!

Some 2015 achievements:

  • We expanded our client base to include more nonprofits, which is rewarding to the whole team on many levels.

  • We supported clients across multiple verticals, including technology, real estate, nonprofit, government, apparel, tourism, retail, health/wellness, publishing, startups, and restaurants.

  • We added several team members to our roster of awesome people (and, I’m both proud and sad to say, lost a couple of our staff to new opportunities where they’ll use the skills and experience they acquired from their time at for big things).

  • Our client, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, was named a Social Media Powerhouse by the Denver Business Journal, due to the enormous engagement and audience base that we’ve helped grow over the past year.

  • We expanded our skills and client base even further in social media engagement for real estate and communities. Community-building for neighborhoods (new and established) is a core specialty, and we're proud that we continue to help home builders, developers, and master-planned communities with their outreach and engagement goals — increasing website traffic and model home visits, building awareness, and improving search ranking. We've been a trusted resource to this industry for more than six of our eight-plus years in business.

  • We helped HW Home, another client, launch new social channels, maximize new sponsorships, expand their email list, and host one of their most successful Annual Warehouse Sales in 16 years (watch for info about this popular event in coming weeks — you won’t want to miss it).

  • Drew a record 785 RSVPs for our Denver Startup Week talk.

  • Across all clients: More than 55,000 new Facebook likes, 6,500+ new Twitter followers, at least 1364 Instagram followers, hundreds of thousands of impressions, people reached, and other impressive stats!

Mostly, though, we worked together to help more companies and organizations use social media to meet business goals, and we’ve supported each other, learning and growing along the way. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished this year, but it’s not something that would have happened without the dedication of the team and our warm, professional, and fruitful interactions with our beloved clients.

I’m grateful for our team, humbled and honored to work with so many stellar clients, and am eager to make our ninth year in business even more special and fulfilling for all of us.

Happy New Year from the crew and me!

As CEO and Chief Strategist of, Eric brings nearly two decades of of experience to our clients. In his other life, he’s a single dad, a good eater, and a bourbon aficionado.

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