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Listen up! Upcoming speaking engagements

Updated: Jun 19, 2020 CEO Eric Elkins is presenting at the following seminars:

April 8th (Monday) 1-3 pm in Vail, Colorado

The Colorado Association of REALTORS will welcome Eric Elkins to explain how REALTORS can benefit from Social Media.

April 11th (Thursday) 11-12:30 pm in Denver, Colorado

Join us at JCC Denver’s Blogger Brunch for blog authors and those interested in starting a blog. Learn about upcoming events while social media expert Eric Elkins teaches techniques to promote your blog.

April 28th (Saturday) 3:15-4:45 pm in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Summit is a gathering of leaders and influencers working together to promote change in the story of our generation — sustainability. Eric Elkins will be speaking at the “Building a Social Movement” session, addressing how to craft the environmental JNF message. conducts training sessions and speaking engagements nationwide, on a variety of subjects. Past sessions include “Social Media Basics: Content and Conversation,” “Practical Social Media,” “Creating a Sustainable Social Media Program” and “Corporate & Organizational Social Media Policy.”

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