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Municipal Law Enforcement Agency



+205% organic fan growth on Twitter

762%+ increase in page likes

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RESULTS MATTER created an approachable brand voice and messaging for a city law enforcement department, increasing positive social engagement while facilitating community growth.

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The department, which was undergoing major transitions, was faced with three primary issues —  pervasive negative stories, public confusion about their role in the region, and inconsistent communication on social media channels. Although the department was one of the largest law enforcement agencies in their region, their community growth was stagnating and negative comments, posts, and tweet replies were on the rise. was asked to help show the agency in a more positive light, increase public understanding of their functions, and improve communication with the community.



With a mandate by the city government for the department to improve its standing in the community by revamping its communication strategy, the Public Information Officer and worked together to develop a plan that used owned and curated content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to shape the agency as a helpful advocate for the region’s citizens.

After an initial audit of the department’s social media presence and online reputation challenges, performed a series of soft A/B tests on posts, tweets, and advertisements across Spanish and English language audiences. By determining the messaging that resonated well and amplifying it, was able to drastically shift the tone of community engagement while making large gains in audience size. Targeted ads were used to increase visibility and the Facebook fan base, while Twitter and LinkedIn audiences grew organically.


At the same time, monitoring local media and social channels for negative stories that bubbled up before the department was aware allowed for a thoughtful, proactive approach to crisis management and media relations.

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RESULTS significantly increased the department’s social fan base while improving the overall tone of community engagement. In less than three years, drove up organic fan growth on Twitter (+205%) and LinkedIn (+373%) , while using Facebook ad strategies to increase page likes by more than 762%, with targeted ad spends as low as $0.09 cost-per-fan. continues to improve community engagement and increase positive interactions by monitoring for online reputation issues, testing content, and tweaking ad strategy as the audience grows. Services 

  • Daily, real-time Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn community management

  • Curated and owned content planning and posting

  • Digital asset creation

  • Advanced Facebook fan base and engagement campaigns

  • Crisis monitoring, online reputation repair, response strategy

  • Monthly reporting and optimization

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