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Auto Parts Portfolio helped a multi-brand B2B auto parts conglomerate develop both a unified and distributed set of social media channels.

RESULTS ran three branded Facebook pages, two Twitter handles, one Instagram account, a LinkedIn channel, and a consolidated YouTube account for this client. The primary brand was focused on thought leadership in a highly competitive industry, along with building B2B demand from distributors, auto parts stores (chains and SMBs), and repair shops, while sub-brands focused on encouraging DIY auto enthusiasts to ask for parts by name. Content — focused on everything from jargon-heavy, specific parts categories, to one brand’s pro racing sponsorships, to curated content around the auto industry, racing, and performance enthusiasts — drove audience engagement and post shares by distributors, racers, and retailers. Real-time social media efforts included daily conversations with followers and influencers on both Twitter handles, racing results updates on Facebook, and interactions with car lovers and sponsored racers on Instagram.


The first six months of community management was centered on organic growth, driving 6,364 new fans to social channels, with total impressions/reach increasing by 1.3 million. With more than 84,000 fans and followers interacting with content every day of the week, organic reach was consistently in the hundreds of thousands month after month. With dedicated social ad campaigns focused on increasing the fan base, on-page engagement, and website clicks, all channels achieved a steady growth trajectory.



  • Daily Interactions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • Contest and campaign strategy and execution

  • Website promotion

  • Collaboration with online influencers

  • Engaging in cross-platform conversations

  • Advanced Facebook pixel advertising campaigns

  • Twitter advertising

  • Real-time monitoring for customer service and reputation management

  • Monthly reporting for all channels and Google analytics



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