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Earth Day: Your Guide To Celebrating Indoors

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

By Cecily Doakes

Earth Day is April 22, and we’re so excited to honor the day and reconnect with our natural surroundings. The team is eager to use our skills, talents, and passions to help make the world a better place — especially today — and we’re here to help you take action, too. Read on for ideas that will inspire you to celebrate while staying indoors and practicing social distancing.

Get Involved

As Earth Day approaches, you’ll find it easy to participate online in a variety of ways. With your family, find an Earth Day challenge — like measuring your carbon footprint — to encourage your squad to be more mindful of our environment. Take action by reflecting on your impact on the planet and explore how you can make a major difference by making a few minor changes. This year, effect change by making an online donation or volunteering — yes, it’s possible to volunteer online.

Play A Drinking Game

Using your social media channels, enjoy an adult beverage each time you see an Earth Day post — or perhaps one sip per post, depending on your tolerance! Challenge your friends to join your game and play within a specific time period via Zoom or FaceTime. Try celebrating various world cultures by playing the traditional drinking game of your chosen country. You’ll have a blast while swapping your favorite earthy cocktail recipes and playing mixologist for the night. If keeping up with fast-paced drinking games isn’t your style, try a variety of Earth-friendly beers for a more relaxed approach to your evening.

Upcycle DIY

Turn trash into treasure by reusing fruit and vegetable cans. In just a few steps, create a supply caddy for your kitchen countertop, home office desk, or craft room table. Clean and paint each can and allow it to dry, then get creative with your Earthly design by using stencils, stickers, or washi tape to decorate your project. Glue cans to the lazy Susan — which you can make yourself as part of the project — for a secure and snug fit. Fill them with everything from pencils to kitchen shears to glue sticks, depending on your needs. Protip: Finish each painted can with a coat of glossy finish like Mod Podge for a polished look and increased durability.

Plant For The Planet

Now is a fantastic time to try your hand at indoor or small-scale gardening. Fortunately, supplies and gardening tools are available for purchase online and through contactless pickup at various hardware stores. Plant a stunning herb, fruit, or vegetable garden that will grow into an endless supply of fresh and healthy snacks. Ramp up your home’s curb appeal by planting a diverse group of colorful flowers in your front yard. While tending to your front or back yard nursery, get your kiddos involved in gardening too! They’ll enjoy looking for worms, watering the plants, and learning how to use the right tools. Gardening with your family can grow into a fun tradition that will feed your family and help you learn about planet Earth for years to come.

Mange, Mange, Mange!

Speaking of growing your own food, who knew you could celebrate Earth Day by eating? Hint: We sure did. With a few sprigs of fresh rosemary that you grew yourself, create a savory skillet chicken. Master a flavorful lasagna to rival your favorite Italian restaurant by incorporating the fresh basil and thyme from your herb garden. To satisfy your sweet tooth, whip up everything from cookies to cupcakes and decorate them to resemble our home planet. Baking and cooking — not to mention eating — is a stellar activity that’s fun for the whole family. Share a plate of planet cookies with your neighbors to spread some cheer and Earth Day awareness.

Perform A Social Media Take-Over

Marketers, creating content for Earth Day can demonstrate brand personality to consumers! Perform a 24-hour social media takeover by flooding your account with environmental facts, links to get your followers get involved, and breathtaking photos of our planet. Turn to your favorite environmentalists, advocates, and scientists as they share amazing facts on their Instagram accounts. Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mari Copeny — and more — are stellar sources of inspiration that you’ll love following long after Earth Day.

You’ll find foodies, environmentalists, gardeners, volunteers, recyclers, DIY-ers, and more on the team. We’re challenging ourselves to get involved, make a difference, and spread the word about the importance of caring for our planet. Follow us on Instagram to see how we’re celebrating Earth Day — and how you can make a difference, too.


Cecily is a Colorado native who cares deeply about her home state — and home planet. A longtime lover of food, wine, coffee, water, and oxygen, she’s constantly researching sustainable practices when it comes to enjoying all life has to offer. Cecily adores animals — even the creepy-crawly ones — and enjoys raising awareness about the importance of protecting our planet, from our coral reefs to our rainforest canopies.



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