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What’s Holding You Back from Video Creation?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Facebook’s news feed algorithm shows preference for video posts, but one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to producing videos is implementing simple production techniques. Many marketers ask the following questions:

  • What should I talk about?

  • Is it okay to use a cell phone to take photos and videos?

  • Is professional equipment, staging, and lighting necessary?

I recently noticed one of my friends, Emily, on social media creating captivating videos for direct marketing. They were cute, short, and well-lit. I could immediately tell they were edited using text overlay, Hyperlapse, and trimmed to perfection, so I asked her how she started with video production.

This is her story.

“When I started producing short videos for my makeup and skincare direct marketing company, most of the videos were short makeup tutorials. My first videos were done sitting on my bedroom floor in front of my window with a windshield phone mount holding my phone for me.”

A windshield holder? I found Emily’s innovative approach both ingenious and creative. When I asked about her editing process, Emily shared with me that she did no editing, and just took clips until she got it right and then combined them together. Since she began in 2016, she’s completely upgraded her camera equipment. When facing the challenge of filming in the evening, she purchased a light ring to improve her video quality tremendously. Light rings are easy to find on Amazon and can range from $11 - $139 for a full set, including a stand, light right, and cell phone holder.

She is now also using iMovie for editing, which is easily self-taught, and downloaded Splice, an app that lets you add music to your videos.

And that’s it!

“I have been asked on many occasions what do you use, how do you edit, etc.” Emily told me. “The secret has been my $115 ring light, my iPhone, and two apps.” Since then, she has upgraded to a Canon digital camera and bought a couple backdrops.

Videos are a powerful way to quickly communicate with your audience. Users tend to connect with people more effectively than they do with products. When done properly, videos can also help create a clear visual picture of the product or service being presented. Videos on both Facebook and Instagram perform better than any other content types, and even tweets are more likely to be retweeted if they have video attached.

Emily left me with this advice: “Never overthink what you need to make your videos great, just do.” Check her videos out at @feelingneutral and @emclawler.



By Carrie Gottschalk

Carrie Gottschalk is a Senior Strategist at, and excels at creating effective social advertising campaigns for our clients. In her free time, she’s an avid traveler, a Denver foodie, and she dedicates her marketing and PR prowess to the nonprofit Denver Active 20-30 as a board member.

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