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The Things We Can’t Live Without

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The holidays have a way of making us reflect on the things that are most important: Loved ones, sources of happiness in our day-to-day lives, goals we’d like to accomplish in the new year. This time of year can also be tough—maybe we aren’t close to family or we’re grieving people we’ve loved and lost. For a lighter way to capture the holiday spirit, while still honoring those who might be having a hard time, we decided to ask our team members to name three things they just can’t see themselves living without.

Rachel, Community Manager

1. Pearls! The studs in my ears and my dainty drop necklace are daily staples in my personal style.

2. Chapstick. I have a mild addiction...

3. Good food, whether homemade or from a restaurant.

Rachel loves to eat, cook, and garden. Learn more about what a day in her life is like.

Alli, Community Manager + Content Specialist

1. My loved ones

2. My cats

3. Art (music, literature, film)

Inside Scoop: Alli loves cats so much that she spends one day a week volunteering with Cat Care Society!

Leah B., Copyeditor

Hmm, I'd say:

1. My cat's auto feeder, which prevents her from waking me up at 5am every morning.

2. Metro Card [she lives in New York].

3. Two Dots app - I'm totally addicted.

Jordan, Community Manager

Family and friends aside, I guess I'd say:

1. My kindle

2. My music

3. My dutch oven? I guess?

What do you mean you guess? “Well,” Jordan explains, “it was that or my swimsuit (because I swim a lot), but that sounds weird. I guess my dutch oven because I cook almost everything in it, whether it's stews, soups, stir-fry, stuff cooked with wine, whatever. I think it's cast iron. My mom had it for a long time then gave it to me. And, obviously, because I love cooking. Duh.”

What can we say—we’re an eclectic, food-obsessed team! One that wishes you and yours the happiest of holidays and a terrific New Year.

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