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The Worst First World Problems (If There is Such a Thing)

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

They’re a meme, a website, a hashtag, a joke. There’s even a song by one of our favorite nerdcore rappers. But, yikes, if first world problems don’t suck some joy out of the everyday. We know it’s ridiculous to yell at autocorrect (especially on our fancy smartphones), but we just can’t help ourselves.

For your eye-rolling scrutiny, we offer up the world problems that drive us battiest. Which ones get your goat?

Rachel, one of our long-time community managers, can’t stand “when you are at the gym but too many people are on the WiFi because you went at a busy time so your video or music stops mid-set and you have to wait to continue your exercise while it loads again.” Because, seriously, who can work out without a soundtrack or binge watching Battlestar Galactica?

Eric, the CEO and founder of, can barely handle cold bathroom tile floors or “the woefully short battery life of my phone.”

Copy editor Leah B. detests “wasting time dealing with login issues or password requirements (particularly if you have to deal with colleagues' login problems in order to access something).” Girl, yes. There’s nothing worse than the painful slowness of someone else not being able to type their own password. It’s enough to make us want to go full on Nick Burns (“Mooove!”).

Operations Maven, Leah C., asks that everyone from acquaintances right on down to grandma, would do their part to end one first world problem altogether by putting your their phone number in email signatures. “Don’t send an email that says ‘Call me’ without providing a phone number! I’d love to call you. But. I. Can’t.” (Didn’t we all learn from Carly Rae Jepsen’s wise advice to provide the number first so someone can call you, maybe?)

Another community manager, Paul, is overwhelmed by the number of choices streaming video, cable, satellite, and on-demand offer. His least favorite first world problem is “spending 30 minutes looking through Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime for a movie you ACTUALLY want to watch.”

Jacquelyn, a junior community manager, has started avoiding malls, airports, and other crowded places entirely because she can no longer handle “someone walking in front of you slowly when you’re in a rush to get somewhere.”

Even Buzzfeed agrees that some of these are among the “absolute worst things in the world.” Isn’t it nice to know we’re all in this together?

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