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Red Wine and Your Social Media: The Pairing You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Cecily Doakes

It’s hot.

We’re still socially distanced.

We need a drink.

If your team is anything like the crew, you want to keep their spirits high and still get stuff done during the coming months. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Keep your squad motivated — and your followers engaged — by treating them to a luscious bottle of red wine! I’ve rounded up light and refreshing reds you can enjoy in creative ways with your team over the sizzling summer.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Hop on FaceTime, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams for a purely social office gathering. For a versatile gem, turn to Lambrusco. This low-alcohol wine hails from Italy and is one of eight varieties that are commonly converted into sparkling wine. Frizzante style, you’ll enjoy soft and subtle bubbles that boast flavors of dark berries, rhubarb, hibiscus, and potting soil. Pair with bacon and eggs for breakfast (really!), Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and prosciutto for brunch, and burgers or pizza for lunch or dinner. Join the 21st century and find canned — yes, canned — Lambrusco. It’s perfect for the park, Red Rocks tailgating, or popping the top on your patio. Protip: Serve chilled for a lip-smacking sipping experience.

Play Bingo

Create your own bingo board and challenge your team to search for the five red wines on

this list. Offer a prize to the first person who finds the webpages of the wineries of your choosing. Be sure to celebrate your winner and engage with your followers by posting a special shout out on your company’s social media platforms!

The ultimate light red, Schiava — produced near the Italian-Austrian border — offers a flavor profile of fresh red berries, lemon, candied rose, and smoke. Dry and medium-light in body, this deep red elegantly complements Asian cuisine. Chicken, shrimp, and tofu cooked with basil or ginger are perfect for Schiava’s delicate structure and high acidity. When served slightly chilled, your team will thank you.

Have a Selfie Contest

Get goofy and hold a selfie contest on Instagram. Allow your team to tag your company and their work pals to participate in the contest. Use relevant hashtags such as #winestagram, #winetime, #teamtasting, and #redwine to share your selfies. Award a prize for the best purple teeth selfie — because what’s more motivational than a prize for the prettiest picture? To get started, send your squad a bottle of Pinot Noir for a puckering pop of cherry, red berries, and hibiscus. Some Pinots offer earthy elements — such as mushroom and potting soil — which pair particularly well with duck, pork, and mushroom risotto with peas.

Create a Quiz

With online quizzes having a moment right now, create your own personality questionnaire that matches your team members with a rich red wine. When completed, you’ll be able to gather the results and present them at your next staff Zoom meeting. Alternatively, offer your team a pre-made quiz that they can do on their own time and post their results to your company’s social media. When thermometers reach soaring heights, opt for a classic Beaujolais for your more quiet or inquisitive team members. With a flavor profile consisting of dark berries, pomegranate, and even banana, this soft wine goes well with everything from cedar plank smoked salmon to rich barbecue.

Go on a Virtual Wine Tasting

While we continue to stick close to home, treat your team to a virtual wine tasting. Consider hiring a local sommelier to guide your group through an online tasting event. Most somms are excited to customize your experience based on your team’s level of familiarity with the good stuff. They’ll cover the basics — like what wine is, exactly — and can discuss more advanced concepts such as terroir. If it’s not too hot outside, scout a shady spot in a local park for your team to participate in a socially distant wine tasting. Browse LinkedIn for a somm who can lead your team through a personalized experience, or just hit up your local Instagram. If you haven’t tried it yet, guzzle a gorgeous Grenache! Widely associated with southern France, Grenache actually originated in Spain and explodes with unique flavors like dried herbs, plum, leather, and blood orange. Sip it while you chow down on grilled or roasted meats and savory Asian spices.

Whether you opt for a chillable red wine like Lambrusco or an elegant Grenache, a fresh glass of red is the perfect way to celebrate your team’s hard work through these tricky times. Come happy hour on Friday, relax and enjoy a unique bonding experience while incorporating your company’s social media and engaging with your followers.

To your good health!

Cecily Doakes, copywriter, happens to be a sommelier and is tickled pink to share her favorite wines with you and the WideFocus team. She’s making the most of her time spent at home by sipping old favorites and taste-testing new wine varieties and producers. Her hope is that you grab each of these ravishing reds and share with your team over your social media platforms.



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