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A Look Ahead from Your Friends at Social Media 
2023 Social Media Benchmarks: 
Sail the seas of change with our channel insights

With more than 15 years navigating the roiling seas of social media management, we’ve sailed through the squalls of change and the sunny moments of calm progress by keeping a finger to the wind and leveraging the tools of our trade. Our clients know they can count on to see what’s coming as we pilot them through the next shift in tides.

Download key insights by channel + our advice on how to safely sail through 2023.

How Facebook's engagement levels have shifted and what to do about it.

What type of content on LinkedIn is performing best for B2B outreach.

The thing millennials love to see brands do on TikTok.

(You won't believe your eyes!)

Instagram engagement, Pinterest's power, and... well... Twitter insights.

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