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Multinational Cybersecurity Corporation,

Social Campaign Activation

As part of our ongoing social media strategy work for a global cybersecurity client, developed a one-off event and social media campaign that encouraged middle school students to participate in Cybersecurity Awareness Month while generating evergreen social media content for future use.

PROBLEM was tasked by one of our B2C/B2B tech clients to create a multi-channel social media campaign for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2018. The goal was to drive national awareness and engagement for the month while generating messaging and assets to be used year-round.




Among several activations proposed by, the client was most interested in launching an educational event with an accompanying social media campaign. and the client worked closely with a Denver-based middle school’s CyberPatriot coach and team for this pilot program.

Green-Social-Media-Icon.png helped forge the relationship between company and community by introducing teachers to the client’s marketing team and organizing a day-long event for students that included a coding challenge and socratic seminars on cybersecurity. The purpose of this interactive, on-location event was to educate youth in online safety, introduce them to career roles, and create product awareness with CyberPatriot teams, their parents, and their peers. also designed a follow-up social media campaign to highlight student responses to questions about safe online behavior.


The #CyberSmart campaign launched in tandem with the on-site student-focused Cybersecurity Awareness Month event, reaching more than 1.1 million users on Twitter while generating vibrant discussion among parents and students about cybersafety. Assets developed during the event, including quotes from students, video, and SME insights, were used on social channels and remain evergreen content for additional activations. This pilot program and follow-up campaign highlighted cybersecurity best practices while developing an ongoing relationship between the school district and the company. is working with the client to repeat the event at a larger scale in October of 2019. Services 


  • Multi-channel campaign ideation and execution

  • Pre-, during, and post-event strategy with social media activations

  • Survey creation and implementation

  • Hashtag research and strategy 

  • Leveraging earned media 

  • Development of evergreen social content

  • Measurement of campaign KPIs

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